Where will I be in 5 years

Day 15: Where Will I Be in 5 Years

If you asked me this question 5 years ago, I would have gone into a full state of panic. The idea of figuring out the future is scary because there is so much pressure to perform; to be on par or better than your peers. But I’m not fearful anymore.

In 5  years I want to be more efficient in doing the things that I love. I wish to be a Certified Forensic Examiner (which I need to complete by December 2017). I want Memoirs of a Virgin Prostitute to be a top mental health blog in Africa. This would give me the opportunity to tour the continent, giving talks on all things mental health.On top of this, I wish to become a brand ambassador for Nike or Adidas as my yoga practice grows. Brand ambassadors have the opportunity to dedicate all their time to the love for fitness, while growing a large client base. In other words, I can become a full-time yogi while wearing cute exercise outfits.

More than anything, I want to be surrounded by good people and have healthy relationships. I want to know that those around me will encourage me and support me in all the decisions I make; but will also be honest with me when I am headed in the wrong direction.

In other words I wish to be a successful, loved up writer. That also happens to be a bomb yogi with a lucrative brand contract. A girl can dream right?

I’m learning not to be afraid of the future because I have realised the words I speak today will be my reality in 5 years time. So instead of being consumed in fear, I choose to be consumed by hope and possibility. I’m looking forward to the me in 5 years.


PS: I’m half way through this challenge.

Author: Ros Limbo

Ros Limbo is a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. She is an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.