Thoughts on Education

Day 16: Thoughts on Education

SDG Goal 4: Quality Education

Education is such a tricky thing due to everything that is involved in educating children and ensuring quality education.

There are four things I believe foster quality education in any country:

  1. The environment in which children find themselves in
  2. The envolvement of the community to educate the child
  3. The attitude of government with regards to educational policies
  4. The qualities of teachers

In 2016 only 36.8% of all Ordinary Level garde 12 students qualified for admission to tertiary education. This is worrying for a country with high living costs and even higher levels of unemployment. Namibia, like many African countries, has failed to ensure that a strong primary education. It is said that the quality of a child’s pre-primary and primary education is more important than their gender and social standing. A good primary education ensures proper development as it identifies any learning needs earlier on and puts in place measures that will allow children with learning needs the ability to finish their education.

In Namibia it is as though teaching is a secondary profession; a profession people only venture into when they do not qualify to be doctors, lawyers or accountants. The university admission requirements to obtain a teaching degree are not the highest. These are people that will produce leaders, change makers, surgeons and writers. We cannot turn around and say any old person can become a teacher. The teaching profession should be seen as more important than any other profession as without it, no other profession can exist.

In the same way that the Government has pushed for free primary education, Government should also look into producing quality teachers. This will ensure that the goal of obtaining an educated society with a low level of unemployment is achieved.

Education is a right, but quality education is a must for every inhabitant on the African continent.


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Author: Ros Limbo

Ros Limbo is a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. She is an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.