My Favorite Movie

Day 19: My Favourite Movie

All those that know me will say my favourite movie(s) is the Harry Potter series. Which is true in a sense because I love the books and I can watch the movies on repeat with no shame. However this post will not be about the Harry Potter movie series.

This post will be about The Lake House.

The Lake House, based on a Japanese movie called Il Mare, was released in June 2006 and stars Sandra Bullock as Dr. Kate Forster and Keanu Reeves as Alex Wyler.

The Plot

It’s 2006. Dr. Kate Forster does not want to be blamed for the paw prints leading to the lake house she has been renting in Madison, Wisconsin. She decides to leave a letter for the next tenant before she leaves for Chicago.

*Here is where it becomes fun*

Architect Alex Wyler arrives at the lake house in 2004 and finds Kate’s letter. He is puzzled because he cannot see any paw prints leading towards the decapitated house. For some reason which I cannot remember, Alex decides to restore the old lake house. While painting one day, his dog runs through paint and leaves the paw prints that Kate had stated in her letter. Puzzled, Alex decides to write back and ask Kate how she knew about the paw prints; especially since the house was not occupied before he arrived.

After failing to save a car accident victim on Valentine’s day 2006, Kate drives back to the lake house and finds the letter from Alex. The two continue writing to each other, both trying to figure out how the other is delivering the letter without being seen. After a while (I don’t know why it took them so long) they discovered that they were living two years apart. They begin to share memories, which leads Alex to meet the 2004 version of Kate at her boyfriend’s party.

They make a decision to meet at some fancy restaurant in March 2007, which at this time is two year’s into the future for Alex but a day away for Kate. The day comes and Alex does not show. Writing to Alex for what seems to be the last time, Kate asks Alex not to write her again. And with that, they go back to living their separate lives.

*Here is where it gets good*

Valentine’s Day 2006, 2008 for Kate, Alex goes back to the lake house to perhaps soothe his soul. On the same day in 2008, Kate is in an architect’s office to review the plans of the house she owns/or was about o own (not sure on which one). As she walks into the conference room to view the plans, she sees a drawing of the lake house on the wall. It turns out the architect she hired was Henry Wyler, Alex’s brother. Henry explains that the picture was drawn by his brother Alex who had died two years ago in a terrible car accident i.e. the victim Kate failed to save. Kate puts two and two together and realises that the Alex she was writing to was the same Alex that died in the car accident, hence why he didn’t make it to their date.

Kate drives back to the lake house and writes a note to Alex; asking him to wait another two years. By the time the letter was delivered, Alex had already left the lake house to look for Kate. As the time passes, Kate realises that Alex didn’t get her letter and begins to cry. But then she hears a car pull up outside of the lake house, and when she gets to the door she sees Alex standing outside.


 I love The Lake House because it shows how love is layered by various aspects:

  • Patience
  • Belief
  • Honesty (openness)
  • Commitment
  • Understanding
  • Faith

Basically love forces us to be vulnerable to someone in ways we are not with ourselves. And I guess that is why love is a scary thing.

I hope you are enjoying the challenge so far. If you are just joining me, you can start readying Day 1 here.


Author: Ros Limbo

Ros Limbo is a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. She is an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.