Day 20: What Makes Me Happy

I believe that life is all about the happy moments we experience and the steps me take to get there.

So here are a couple of things that make me happy:

  1. My family: They annoy me at times, but I know they always have my back. And by family I don’t mean blood; I mean those love me unconditionally and are honest with me even when I’m afraid to hear it.
  2. Chowder Memphis: my dog who is so full of energy and loves destroying plants.
  3. Yoga: The whole philosophy that yoga entails and not just the asanas. I wish to live a life where I’m emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced.
  4. Food: I love me some good food. Anyone that loves me knows just how much I love to eat­čśŐ
  5. Books: Books allow you live a new life and experience things beyond your own imagination.
  6. Writing: The more I read, the more I’m inspired to write. To share my stories and experiences.
  7. Mental Health advocacy: The stigma that surrounds mental health prevents those that need help from getting the assistance they need. I talk openly about living with bipolar disorder because I want people to know that they are not alone.
  8. The ocean: I’m in love with any body of water, but I’m the sound of the wave melts my heart. It soothes my soul and calms my mind.
  9. Sleeping: What can I say, it’s amazing.
  10. Music: With every beat, my heart moves and grows towards happiness. It allows me to escape my problems, even if it’s only for a moment.

This challenge is encouraging a lot of introspection, I love it.


Author: Ros Limbo

Ros Limbo is a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. She is an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.