When I Win The Lottery

Day 23: When I Win The Lottery

Do you see what I did there? It’s not an if, but a when *wink wink*

I didn’t have to think about this very long because I have always known what I would do with my money when I win the lottery. Here are a couple of things I would do:


The first thing I will do is save 40% of my winnings. This will prevent me from blowing all my money in one go!

Spoil my mother

I have been raised by a single mother, so everything that I am is because of the woman she is. My mom has worked so hard and made sacrifices that I only fully understood when I grew up. So I want to ensure her life is easy and carefree. Apart from paying off all her debt, I will buy her a beautiful house by the beach (Mauritius or Seychelles) on a quiet stretch of land. To top it off, she will get agricultural facilities to grow her vegetable garden at the village.

Bye-bye to student debt

When I finished varsity and left my first job, I was sitting with about N$300 000 (USD 23 000) in student debt. So you can imagine just how broke I get as I pay this off monthly. So after spoiling my mom, I will pay off all of my student debt. I will then place a good some of the money into a study fund for my children.

Beach Holiday

I think I have to put an disclaimer here: I love an adventure which includes getting lost in foreign cities, going camping in the desert, etc… ┬áSo my next cheque will go to planning a month long trip with all those I love; activities included. I say all those I love because multiple personalities/perspectives always equals fun. They all love different things, and thus I will get multiple experiences filled with love and giggles.

Buy tonnes of clothes

This might sound very obvious for many women, but growing up I never understood clothes. All I wanted was something comfortable to prevent me from walking around naked. But lately I have started falling in love with beautiful clothing; from shoes to skirts and dresses. I have dedicated so many Pinterest boards to my new love:)

Books and Beach Houses

I love to read and I love the ocean. So it’s only logical for me to buy a cute beach house with a massive library. And I want it to be those humidity controlled libraries so that my books last longer. I want to spend my day lounging on the porch, listening to the waves, reading a good book while watching my husband and kids play with my four dogs:)

So as I wait for my millions to come rolling in, I will continue with this challenge.




Author: Ros Limbo

Ros Limbo is a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. She is an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.