What Attracts Me...In Love

Day 24: What Attracts Me (In Love)

It’s no secret that I love love. So coming up with something to write apart from “someone that loves me” was a little challenging.

Let’s begin to look at the aspects that I find irresistible when in love:



I’m 5’11 and I have always envied shorter women because it looks so cute when their taller partners hug them. Superficial reason maybe, but this is why I am attracted to taller people; 6ft and taller:)


I have always had a thing for good ears, I don’t know why. If you have cute ears, You have my attention.

Beautiful smile

Smiles are contagious. There is nothing more wonderful than the emotion that produces a genuine smile. I will take it further and include the frequency at which the person smiles; it shows just the type of person they are.


Now this is the fun part:)

I’m a highly emotional person, even when you take the bipolar out of the equation. I love people that are comfortable with their emotions; emotional intelligence is crucial if one wants to be a well balanced individual. The idea of empathy is one that escapes many, so I’m drawn to empaths (they have such great energy in my opinion). Taking the time to understand someone and removing judgements creates tolerance and love. And I think only a true empath can do that. Honesty is also a very important factor for me. I think I’m a rather open person, so being lied to or “shielded from the truth” is very hurtful.

I had a friend that always told me that good people don’t exist and nice is a waste of time. But I like nice people. I am drawn to people that are genuinely kind and understanding. I think society has confused compassion with weakness, and thus making it so tempting to be bad & boujee.

Does the person have to be romantic? They simply need to understand their own love language and know how to interpret those of others. In essence I love people that understand and encompass everything that is love.


Author: Ros Limbo

Ros Limbo is a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. She is an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.