Day 5: My Proudest Moment

My proudest moment….

…..was choosing to do this challenge.

For me this goes beyond writing, this challenge signifies dedication and commitment. Maybe it’s an ENFP thing, but I find it so hard to follow through. I can come up with a brilliant idea or initiative and after two weeks I will move on to something else; leaving projects undone and making mw feel somewhat incompetent.

This simple ‘30 Blog Challenge‘ has taught me that the only way to finish a large undertaking is by taking it one day at a time, one piece at a times, and before you know it the bigger picture will form. What I have also learnt is that one cannot abort a mission due to fear of failure. Like they say, when you fail you have found another way that does not work.

What is your proudest moment?

It’s amazing how the simple things can have a profound impact on who we become.


Author: Ros Limbo

Ros Limbo is a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. She is an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.