Her many spoken languages and the echo of her voice.

Her varied cultural difference and her shining beauty, exquisite curves and the choice of cloth she chooses to pride herself in makes her African.

She stands steadfast to traditional protocols and principles she practices, they are after all part of her heritage and what make her an African.

Her pride radiates through the movement of her body as she dances to songs sung in the past.

She also tells ancient tails passed down from generations before her, as she speaks she reflects on the place she calls home, the place she calls her Africa.

Her roots grounded in the very soil she treads upon for home is where her heart is.

Her home is where her heart is. Her Africa is where her soul is at peace with itself and where her hearts murmur can be heard.

Author: Jeremy Tjizo

Jeremy Tjizo is a Namibian born poet born in Windhoek. He has been writing poetry for eight years. His love for writing poetry has seen him sharing his poems in various poetry groups and on various online websites.